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Pros and Cons of Private Medical and Dental Insurance

Feb 2017 07

Waiting for the NHS treatments is pretty good and quite stable, so you do not need to pay privately to reduce the time. But, if you need access to surgeons who only work privately, you would need to have a policy for the treatment that you need. You may need to take private medical and dental insurance for reducing the waiting time. You could get fast treatment from the experts. A private medical insurance quite likely would save your money if you need more than one claim.

Pros and Cons of Private Medical and Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can be a good investment in your life. This will depend on how often you want to visit the dentist every year. The cost for dental insurance policy varies from £72 up to £198 each year for age 60. If you have good oral health and you just need to visit the dentist once each year to check-up, scale and polish, the insurance may not be necessary. But, if you need to pay out for a crown, your annual premium would work cheaper than you pay privately. Think it carefully, before taking a private medical insurance.

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You need to think about the pros and cons of the policy that you want to take so you could choose the right one. All pros and cons of private medical and dental insurance will depend on the type of the policy that you buy. You need to learn the policy so you will know what is covered and what is not covered by the policy. Do not forget to consider the premium.

Commonly, you will get special treatment with private medical insurance. You can ask specialist or expert working privately to get specialist treatment for the second opinion. A second opinion service will make sure you are totally confident with the recommendations of your specialist. The NHS may not let you get a scan or delay a scan. But, you can use your private medical insurance coverage to pay for it. You may need to wait for the treatment from NHS. You can reduce the time for waiting by using your private medical insurance. With your private medical insurance, you could choose the hospital and surgeon that suit to your place and time.

This is not available for NHS. You can also get a private room. If you need quick access to physiotherapy sessions, your insurance will help you to get it. Some company won’t ask medical questions or examinations when you join. You could also get 25% no claims discount when joining.

A private medical and dental insurance also have several pros. If you have a serious illness like cancer, you will get the priority with NHS treatment. Most policies won’t cover chronic illnesses. NHS can be as good as private hospitals. The payment is also not cheap. A family premium for 2 adults and 2 children under 10 can vary £700 £1,650 each year. The premium could rise each year. By the time you get older, the premium could be more expensive. This is because you are more likely to need hospital treatment.

For some cases, you do not need to take private medical insurance. You do not need to take private medical and dental insurance if you are happy to rely on the NHS when you need care or you can pay for your individual treatments. If you have enough savings, it can be cheaper for you to pay for any treatment in private rather than paying regular insurance premiums.

If you have debts and no savings, it is better to put your money for your payment debt than private medical insurance. Children could get direct priority treatment on NHS, so you do not need to worry about your child getting sick. Some people also have medical insurance from the employee benefits package, so they do not need to take private medical insurance.

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